Hi there, welcome to the merchandising wing of the mountain of the angels music. Here at Arch Angel Art we produce high quality spiritual designs brought forth by the builders of creation, the designs are drawn from the silent realms from the deep collective consciousness of humanity, signs and seals to which unlock the sacred flow of spiritual energy, which in turn releases archaic knowledge and sublime wisdom. The garments that the designs are placed on are not only current and stylish, but the design will bring a piece of the universal fluid to the wearer on a daily basis causing equilibrium elemental.

Here at Arch Angel Art we produce quality merchandise, branded with our own design Icon of St George, Patron Saint of England. In the Icon design George, is depicted in full armour, carrying a unique twin blade sword, which stands for justice and correction, and the shield of the three lions. In the background are the Red Cross, and the word England at its summit. This is the rebirth Icon, a new design, for a new time. Look out for our rising. Click on the link, to take you through to the shop.


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