From The highest peak, the light of the celestial's shines forth. Penetrating all kingdoms of creation, vegetable, animal, mineral, sapien. Nothing that exists, exists without the guidance and power of these servants of the one. Their charge is one of bringing humanity forward to unity with the one. In this vein they have instructed prophets, seer's, and mage's throughout the ages. Teaching mankind the fiat, be still and GNOTHI SE AUTON (KNOW THY SELF). Through this collaboration of angelic hosts and man, many great things have being achieved. Once more there has come, an alliance of men and angels, forging their power together on the material plane. Through a studio that has being dedicated to sacred music from its inception, THE KINGS OF KINGS STUDIO. All of the music, video, and imagery that you encounter on this site is born of this union. So let your mind be open and let your heart be ready to receive that which has being coming to you since the dawn of creation.


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