01Tablets of Stone
02.El Shaddai
03.Crimson Sun of Zion
04.Rock of all Ages
05.The Armour of Jah
07.Song of Lalibela
08.Rally the Father
09.Blood from a Stone
10.Systems Down


Many moons after my encounter with the light celestial my mind was still troubled by what mettatron had said about the so called Angelicalstone. In all my searching I have never come across any reference to it in ancient or modern text. I knew that to find any answers I would have to travel to the Celestial Heights. So I retired to the temple of kings to prepare myself for the journey. Under deep meditation I slackened my astral matrix and found myself standing on the astral plane, I quickly conceived that I was standing in mid astral but needed to be in the upper astral. As I thought this a golden path appeared about ten feet in front of me, I stepped on to the path and followed it to the end. The path stopped at the end of the astral plane, and before me stood the mighty Celestial plane billowing and powerful in its vibration imbibed with a myriad of colours each colour being a plane unto its self with life abundant within them. As I stood before this powerful living energy my knees were as jelly, there is no way you could walk directly in to this plane the astral body would be torn to shreds and death would ensue. So you have to accumulate the vibration in your astral form of the plane you wish to enter in too, in my case Zion which is a vibrant crimson red colour. The colour must permeate every part of your astral body, to achieve this, astral medi is required which is not easy given the Celestial bilboa and turbulence around you, but if successful you will find yourself standing on the plane of your accumulation. So in my astral form crimson red is imbibed and I find myself standing in port Watson on the bank of Lake Celerium and rising up before me the mighty Krystal Mountains, heading out to the east. I start my assent up the mountain after some time I reached a summit and as I stood there looking out over billons of miles of the Krystal Mountain, I saw a bright light way in the distance, it was like it was signalling me to come forth. The distance was too great for me to astraly walk so I used will power and was there in seconds, only to be slammed into a brick wall of light, I found myself at a dead stop at the very boundaries of the light unable to go any further. The intensity of the light started to recede and I moved forward with it, until it laid me to rest on another summit I could now see the core of the light it was still burning like a sun. Bit by bit it began to recede and I could just make out a figure standing in the midst of the sun whose back was turned to me, the light was then pulled back into the figures robes which then shone like crystal fire. The figure then turned around and faced me, and it was my old friend Ark Angel Mettatron., who said “Hail young storm let this be an example to you on what we mean by the term veiling for what has been shown to you is minuscule in comparison to that which must veil the power of the One in creation, less creation dissolve under his intensity”. He then placed his hand on my shoulder and said “Come storm, let me show you the true force of what we call the Stone of Antiquity or in your tongue Angelicalstone”. Boom in an instance we were floating about 10, 00000 miles away from the stone, my astral body now felt under immense pressure, making the astral form transient, moving it in and out of existence in a state of flux. I knew my limit to the proximity of the stone had been reached and withdrew a few metres; I have no words to describe this colossus stone and its immeasurable veiling properties suffice it to say, it does what it says on the tin. The love you feel in this place is overwhelming a depth of love that makes you understand why all of creation forever sings his name and give him glory. Metta dropped my back to the temple and his parting words were, this is the first of the hidden knowledge, first of the Ancient Storm, let it be known.




Album Tracks

1-Tablets of Stone 2-El Shaddai 3-Crimson sun of Zion 4-Rock of all Ages 5-The Armour of Jah 6-Angelicalstone7-Song of Lalibela8-Rally the Father9-Blood from a Stone10-Systems Down

01.Krystal Mountains
02.91 Psalms
03.Holy Sacrament
05.High Kingdom
06.City of Jah
07.Defender of the Faith
08.Father of Creation
09.Zion Chanter
10.His Love Endures Forever


One night whilst sitting in the temple under deep meditation a powerful beam of intense light came through the temple roof filling the centre circle. The light became so bright that everything around it seemed to vanish, as I looked more closely at the light I noticed that the light looked like tiny stars, I knew then that this was astral light. But before I could even relax in that knowledge, bam, the light stepped up its intensity to way beyond the light of forty raging suns. This light was different a kind that I had not encountered before it was calling my spirit to it; I had to fight hard to keep myself out of its rays for it felt like the end game light. Now paralysed with fear thinking that my final hour had come, a voice spoke from the midst of the light. Saying this is the light of the celestial sphere the greatest light in all of creation generated by the love of the one, veiled and reflected through the Angelicalstone at the heart of the Krystal Mountains this light is the source of all creation. The voice then said I am Mettatron face of the father, so enter the light young storm oh ye servant of the one, that ye may return to this place and sing the songs of Holy Mount Zion.
Powerful is this thirteenth album produced by the Kings of Kings Studio, full of the authenticity that people have come to expect from this studio ten tracks of original concepts featuring Higher-Bingi, Sacred Rock and Deep Roots Steppers wrapped up in the vibration of the holy psalms causing a powerful word sound connection to be formed in the heart of the listener. All songs written and produced by White Storm. All instruments played by White Storm and the Builders of Creation. Mixed and mastered at Kings of Kings Studio London 2017. Zion strides the darkness a green and lushes land, clothed in righteousness and beauty, for Jah is the light of this land. His raiment’s are glory, majesty and life, the inhabitants that dwell there have only day, for there is no night.




Album Tracks

1-Krystal Mountains 2-91 Psalms (Sacred Rock)l 3-Holy Sacrament 4-Security 5-High Kingdom 6-City of Jah 7-Defender of the Faith 8-Father of Creation 9-Zion Chanter 10-His Love Endures Forever


01.Dream & Viking System
02.Golden Angel
03.I See You
04.High Priestess
05.Natural Woman
06.Song of the River
07.Wisdom is Her Name
08.Love is in Your Life
09.Subtle Differences
10.Source of Life



In spirit form I found myself standing on a hilltop at dusk, as I looked down I could see a dense forest in the distance. As I was looking at the forest I saw a streak of white light leave the forest at phenomenal speed, before I could blink the light was before my eyes and transformed it self into a powerful white lion whose eyes were blazing emerald green. The lion circled around me then stood at my side, and with a gentle mind touch he called me to follow him. He led me deep into the forest interior where we came across a large clear crystal structure. As we stood before the structure the lion spoke to me saying, your heart is warmed by the fire of an ancient love, a love that is from the beginning of creation and that love has caused you to reach this place at this time. Before you stands the gateway to the keeper of that love, she who has guarded the secrets of that love since the beginning. We proceeded to enter the structure which led us out onto a bank, and on it a round upright stone circle with a strange green fluid at its centre. The lion gave an almighty roar then walked into the fluid I quickly followed suit and entered the green fluid, we passed out of our realm and entered another. We found ourselves standing on the bank of a mighty river which had hundreds of smaller rivers flowing out of it; to my left was a glowing forest and that is where I saw her, coming from out of the trees her eyes were blazing like emerald green she moved towards me and her movements were like the flowing rivers. She then spoke to me saying, you have entered the sphere of Venus and I am Hagiel genius and keeper of the sacred law of love. You have been brought here at this time to learn of golden age love, that you may take the knowledge back to earth for its healing for I am Hagiel RiverSong song of the river. Once again Kings of Kings Studio brings forth music from the celestial heights ten tracks revealing the true source of life, powerful inspirational uplifting tracks of sacred rock and roots lovers topped off with word sound authenticity. An album that follows no trend whose years will have no end for it carries that which is fundamental for human survival, mutual and true love.


Album Tracks

1-Dream & Viking System 2-Golden Angel 3-I See You 4-High Priestess 5-Natural Woman 6-The Song of the River 7-Wisdom is Her Name 8-Love is in Your Life 9-Subtle Differences 10-Source of Life


01.All Souls
02.Journey of a Wise Man
03.Fire from the Mountain
04.Rainbow and Storm
06.Quatrain X
07.On Wings of Angel's
08.Roll out the Tundra
09.Unstoppable Force
10.The Age of War


From mighty lake Celerium and the Crystal Mountains of Hivonhaven the Builders of Creation and White Storm bring forth a sonic repertoire of immense magnitude. Ten tracks girdled about the pap’s of intrinsic prophecy rolling out from this album uplifting enlightening revealing the truth of our time carrying a serious message for all of humanity. The music itself is the voice of the angels warning out of time and out of days Sacred Rock is its genre as from the mountains from whence it came. Fast pace and energetic is the album Century’s X Book of Prophecy produced by Kings of Kings Studio and Temple of Kings another epic production coming from this ancient studio where love and light and truth and rights has been its mantle since its inception. The songs gifted by the higher ones speak of things and times to come and that which is already upon us. A truly remarkable and outstanding album of high intensity and splendid quality another gem in the history of this ever growing and ancient studio. .


Album Tracks

1-All Souls 2-Journey of a Wise Man 3-Fire from the Mountain 4-Rainbow and Storm 5-Missing 6-Quatrain X 7-On Wings of Angel's 8-Roll out the Tundra 9-Unstoppable Force 10-The Age of War


01.All Nations
02.Break of Dawn
03.Chant Down Babylon
04.Immortal Soul
05.Stay his Hand
06.Jah Work's of Glory
07.The Last Trumpet
08.The Light of his Day
09.The Last Call
10.Thy Kingdom Come


In deep meditation my spirit was taken to a city its roads and pathways made of crystal. All of its buildings and architecture made of celestial sun light. As I was guided through the city I saw people from every nation on earth walking through its streets I felt such an abundance of love and peace, even as I walked on the crystal pavement I could feel the love emanating out of the crystal. It was like the whole city was powered by this spiritual energy spires and grandiose cathedrals filled the inner sanctum of the city permeating the air with the scent of frankincense and myrrh and an overwhelming sense of peace prevailed through out the city. My guide turned and said “this is the great city of the one, that which has being foretold since the beginning and that which is for time, after time, unseen but visible, powered by the word that proceedth from his mouth the first word, the word that brought creation into existence, love” This is the tenth and final album of this series from the Kings of Kings Studio. Powerful are the concepts for this album dealing with the final prophecy of the scriptures the rapture, end of time revelation. Ten globally astounding tracks, carrying the vibrations of the higher mountains vibrations which change the boarders of genre, creating new combinations of styles and sound. Progressive is the mark of the kings and in this they never fail to deliver, a truly awesome album of the highest musical and lyrical content wonderful flow of natural elements blended with modern technologies. that there should be time no longer: But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.


Album Tracks

1-All Nations 2-Break of Dawn 3-Chant Down Babylon 4-Immortal Soul 5-Stay his Hand 6-Jah Work's of Glory 7-The Last Trumpet8-The Light of His Day 9-The Last Call10-Thy Kingdom Come


01.360 Degree & Dub

02.Days of Vengeance

03.Keep Silence
04.Tears in his Eyes
05.Wrath of God
07.Jah Shall Lead Them
08,After the Storm
09.Time of Fulfilment
10.Mountain Top Bingi


As I moved through the Crystal Mountains in the higher celestial plane I came upon a tumultuous storm so massive and huge it seemed to be a mountain unto itself. The fury of the storm was immeasurable if it could have been measured its wind speed would be in excess of 10,000mph my spirit became paralysed with fear feeling that if this storm moved 1cm closer to me i would be utterly destroyed the powerful storm then divided itself into seven distinct storms each carrying the same force as the original storm. Then appeared seven arch angels each one carrying a golden vessel which they opened up and the storms poured themselves into the vessels, then the angels descended the mountain in a flash of lightning and thunder and were gone. As my spirit stood there in shock and awe my mind was touched by the angel of the mountain saying, what you have seen is the seven last storms of the apocalypse none before have seen the contents of the vials, they carry the seven last judgements, for in them is filled up the wrath of god. Once again from the mountain of the angels the builders of creation send forth an album of dynamic ferocity and epic word sound construction, a blend of spiritual force and earth energy combined to produce a spectacular array of musical phenomenon’s called WRATH OF GOD. Ethereal choirs and high end strings meet mountainous bass lines and landscaping drums and percussion to create a tetra polar magnet of music for the soul of humanity, a sacred rock to hold on to in the time that is to come.


Album Tracks

1-360 Degree 2-Days of Vengeance 3-Keep Silence 4-Tears in his Eyes 5-Wrath of God 6-Ragnorok 7-Jah shall lead Them 8-After the Storm 9-Time of Fulfilment 10-Mountain Top Bingi


01.End of Days
02.Earth Strikes Back
03.World War
04.Elenin Cometh
06.Arma-Fire Storm
07.Revealation 7
08.Darkness has Fallen
09.Systems Down
10.The Lords Prayer (Roots Cut)

As my spirit walked at a high altitude I came upon a great expanse, standing at the centre of it where two mighty angels. The angels then beckoned to me to come forth and as quick as thought I was standing in the presence of the angels. Whilst standing in their presence I felt such deep sorrow in their vibration. Then the first angel spoke saying mankind has become like the pharaoh who has hardened their hearts against all that is real. The second angel said to me to look unto the west, and as I looked I saw such darkness a cross the earth, violence, brutality and unspeakable atrocities. Then I heard the cry of the earth herself and I was broken. The second angel said weep not for all that you see for this is part of prophecy. The time of hearing is over, the time of feeling has begun. He then turned to me and gave me a small book, as I took the book in my hands the book was absorbed into my spirit. He then said return thee now to the temple of kings and release the final scroll. This is the eight album produced from the Kings of Kings Studio. From the heights of the celestial plane, comes ten tracks of sublime artistry forged in the heart of the father. Deep and infectious are the rhythm tracks, solid drum and bass foundations, mountain high guitar solo's and angelic harmonies, topped off by the magical vocals of White Storm. The album is word, sound and power unleashed, the time..... is now.




Album Tracks

1-End of Days 2-Earth Strikes Back 3-World War 4-Elenin Cometh 5-Cathoclysm 6-Arma-Fire Storm 7-Revelation 7 8-Darkness Has Fallen 9-Systems Down 10-The Lords Prayer (Roots Cut)


01.Heart of Fire
02.Cross the River
03.The High Priestess
04.Vihi Noam
05.Journey of the Soul
06.Chalice Blaze
07.Stepping Out
08.Philosophers Stone
09.Image of the One
10.Return of the Prodical son's

In my spirit i walked up a hill. At the top i stood before a Trilithon Gate, the light of dawn about to break. Before my eyes was a silent lake, with rolling clouds of golden haze. A feeling of peace engulfed my soul, lifting me high beyond the stones. To see a land where saints and immortals roam, where all is one and one is all. The builders of creation have sent forth another album for the advancement of humanity. The tracks are centred on the four pillars of Solomon's temple. Releasing the hidden arcana of wisdom for the rising of man. From the depth of malkuth, to the heights of kether elion. Leading mankind out of darkness and into eternal light. In all hearts a fire billows below, the heat of Love from time a go. The heat of Love ancient, old.




Album Tracks

1-Heart of Fire 2-Cross the River 3-The High Priestess 4-Vihi Noam 5-Journey of the Soul 6-Chalice Blaze 7-Stepping Out 8-Philosophers Stone 9-Image of the One 10-Return of the Prodigal Son's


01.Time of the Gathering
02.Raise up Your Love
03.We Nah Run
04.Roll out the Thunder
05.The Ghost Orchid
07.We Hail the King
08.Old Skool
09.Shame Off, It's a Swindle
10.War (The Raging Storm)

From the depth of the shining krystal mountains in the midst of the temple of light, there sits the alter of the angels. On this alter enclosed in a krystal dome is a ghost orchid who's petals contain the first drops of dew, from the first dawn. Then suddenly powerful columns of vibrating light shot up all around me in all colours of the rainbow, then vanished leaving me encircled by ten mighty angels who then touched my mind and spoke saying, so rare is this orchid few have seen it with their eyes, so rare is this orchid, elusive and elegant and sublime, so rare is this orchid capturing all our hearts and souls and minds, so rare is this orchid, protected by the power of the divine. Once again white storm and the builders of creation have brought forth an awesome album, with ten track reflecting the highest wisdom, and the deepest spiritual knowledge. Tracks of sacred rock rise up to meet deep roots reggae in a symphony of spiritual love. This is an album that lives up to its name, a rare and unique album, a hidden treasure from the dawn of creation.



Album Tracks

1-Time of the Gathering 2-Raise up your Love 3-We Nah Run 4-Roll out the Thunder 5-The Ghost Orchid 6-Clairvoyance 7-We Hail the King 8-Old Skool 9-Shame Off, it's a Swindle 10-War (the raging storm

01.Law of the Nazarene
02.Gate of Testamony
03.Speech of Angels
04.Morning Light
05.Rocky Road
06.Brock up the Barrier
07.Solid as a Rock
08.Give Jah the Glory
09.Book of Proverbs
10.Age of Sagitarius

Out of the infinite non create, through the void, came a golden cloud, in the midst of the cloud was a host of angels, who were carrying an ark. The angels descended and placed the ark on the mountain side, and then they spoke to the ark about love and the return of man. The ark then opens up and the Rocky Road album was born. This is the fifth album produced by the Kings of Kings Studio, it is a beacon of love and light that shines even in the dark places of the earth, for the light it brings can never be extinguished, for locked in the vibration of the tracks are the words of the Eternal One. Causing that which was torn asunder to be healed and set right. As is customary with White Storm, the songs cover a wide range of genres, from deep roots reggae to sacred rock, versatility is key, for the album is akin to a journey, where some paths are fast, some paths are slow, some paths are high, and some are low. Each track containing its own experience, which adds to the sum of the whole.


Album Tracks

1-Law of the Nazarene 2-Gate of Testimony 3-Speech of Angels 4-Morning Light 5-Rocky Road 6-Brock up the Barrier 7-Solid as a Rock 8-Give Jah the Glory 9-Book of Proverbs 10-Age of Sagittarius





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